SECURITY insight publishes article by Tim Karg

In the renowned expert journal on security issues, Karg und Petersen managing director Tim Karg explains how to engage employees in activities to ensure security of information and know-how.

One’s own employees have to be in focus when it comes to keeping ahead of the game in terms of know-how and to securing one’s business success. That is the message presented in the article by our managing director Tim Karg. Information security is far from being only a matter of technical security solutions. In fact, in about 90% of cases of information theft and knowledge loss, persons in the direct environment of a company are involved.

However, humans are still mostly neglected as a source of danger. This is where successful information security has to start. Employing a proper communications strategy to sensitise employees and partners, a company can succeed in establishing an efficient and trustful security culture.

What’s essential and which aspects are to be taken care of particularly, can be found in the article. We will also be glad to help you in any upcoming questions relevant for your company. Just talk to us!

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