Google seeks high-quality content

Relevant, high-quality information remains crucial for the Google-ranking of a website, as two recent studies confirm. At the same time, the studies offer further hints on how to optimise a website for search engines.

Well-ranking websites offer their readers relevant and interesting content. This is a key finding of the latest correlation study by Searchmetrics, which analysed and compared about 300,000 websites found with the top 10,000 keywords used in Google searches.

Most websites scoring high in Google searches offer longer texts, more detailed information and a greater number of integrated media. Texts on these sites e.g. consist of over 400 words in average and also feature multiple images or videos. But there’s more to it than just the amount of text. Internal links on a page also play an important part just as the so-called social signals – meaning likes, shares and +1s on Facebook and Google+ – as a quite recent trend.

Next to the content on a website, backlinks stay in the SEO focus – i.e. links from another website to your own. For backlinks, it is not the mere number that counts for a high ranking but rather the quality of links, which gets increasingly important. A link from a relevant page with a high ranking on its own is more influential. “Bad” links however can even be counterproductive.

Taking a glance into the future, the trend to high-profile content seems to be ever increasing. Most of the 120 SEO experts questioned for the recent Moz-study are predicting that traditional SEO will be pushed aside, most importantly by the search engines’ analysis of the content on a website. How relevant is the information on your page for your readers? What benefits does it offer them? Already when setting up a website, these questions have to be addressed much more carefully.

Both studies clearly illustrate that quality content is getting increasingly important and may even decide whether a website ranks well on Google or not. With the current trend to Content Marketing in mind, companies and website owners can now seize the opportunity to raise their website profile with quality content and relevant backlinks.

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