Content marketing is getting ever more important

Within the next five years, budgets spent on content marketing will soar by 111%, according to a recent study.

Managing, marketing, sales and communications directors from 60 different companies were interviewed for the survey. The result is unambiguous: More than 90% of participants think that the importance of content marketing will increase significantly during the next years.

Content marketing aims at shaping a clear-cut profile for companies by producing and distributing tailored content – with the effect of enhancing their online presence. This is getting especially important as search engines like Google are refining their search algorithms to such a degree that irrelevant hits are easily filtered off.

Content for content marketing can range from detailed information like white papers and expert advice to entertainment such as interactive applications, images and videos. It aims at shaping the sender’s reputation as a true expert in his field, demonstrating his know-how instead of just talking about it.

However, for implementing professional and successful content marketing, the interviewees find themselves confronted with a fundamental challenge: finding appropriate and up-to-date content and staff with sufficient journalistic experience. About half of the participants claim to have the need to catch up here.

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