Brand management goes online

Online communications nowadays wins the trust of consumers for brands and their products, setting the right topics and meeting the target groups right where they are looking for information. Two recent studies explain why – and detail which topics help to make this potential pay off.

A recent study by the pollsters of Nielsen shows that online advertising is increasingly accepted. Brand websites are e.g. seen as a reliable source of information by around 50% of consumers in Germany, making them already even more popular than traditional ways of advertising such as print ads or commercials in radio and television. However, it’s no longer sufficient to just put up a website. The study also highlights the fact that two out of three consumers place their trust in comments and ratings by other users – something which companies can’t really control.

So the task for brands is to create content and opportunities which prompt the web community to widely blog, tweet or share their information in a hopefully positive way. In a study, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) identified the topics which currently move consumers the most. For this, 23,000 people were questioned in 20 countries worldwide.

The results for Germany are far from being ambiguous: consumers want brands which convincingly convey that they offer “better” – i.e. more powerful or more ethical – products and services. So, quality and good value for money remain to be decisive. But further aspects such as a healthy or a fair-trade nature of products are increasingly taken into consideration by consumers.

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