2013 trends in logo design

Comprehensive study points out 2013’s influential developments in logo design.

On the design platform LogoLounge, a current report now presents predominant trends in logo design for the year 2013. Mentioning a remarkably broad scope of visual themes, the analysis focuses on the prominent use of single graphic elements as well as on intricate designs of seal-like brand labels.

The slash as a design element, for example, is increasingly often used in logo design, as it enables designers to arrange typography and image in new ways. At the same time, brand labels with emblematic designs try to capture the spirit of traditional seals in order to establish an official and respectable aura.

Many designers also borrow inspiration from nature, its concepts or forms of appearance. Thus, there are more and more wave forms employed, which give vitality and volume to a logo. And the use of natural patterns and textures such as wood grain are a favoured method to express individuality and uniqueness.

All in all, more than 20.000 logos from all around the world have been analysed for the trend report. All results illustrated by many examples can be found on logolounge.com.

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